EazeWork Services

Implementation Services crash the learning curve and deployment time and help your organization to achieve peak performance.

A mix of Professional Services and Implementation Services helps us to address your requirements holistically.

Different customers have different needs, the primary reason for failed software implementations are
- lack of understanding of the functional requirements
- lack of training of end users
- unrealistic timelines without sufficient focus and resources

If you are a company which has clearly established processes and policies and are looking for a speedy implementation we recommend Implementation Services.

If you need help in process redesign, policy creation and strategic realignment we can provide the same with the help of our Professional Services.

EazeWork's Professional Services



We understand you business drivers, current gaps and future requirements and establish a road map for the Cloud migration, IT application deployment in consultation with your business and technology teams.

The outcome is an implementation road map derived from you IT strategy and focusing on cloud deployment.


Policy / Process Design

EazeWork team can design policies and processes which incorporate best practices and are relevant for a company from your industry and size. With experience of multiple implementations and having worked with many clients out implementation team can provide you with integrated processed.



CXOs need to know where their company stands vis a vis others from same industry and also across industry. With the help of our analytics engine we are able to build a set of metrics that can be benchmarked across your organization.

This service is beign designed and will be launched soon.


SaaS Assessment

Useful for any company who is looking to moving from a non IT or licensed application environment to a SaaS service. The exercise will undertake a critical evaluation of customer's requirements, understanding the investment in existing infrastructure and mapping of business requirements.

At the end of this the customer will have a clear understanding of the Return on Investment on SaaS and Licensed software.

A plan outlining the steps needed to be taken for a successful implementation is also provided.

EazeWork's Implementation Services


Data Migration

During any implementation significant volume of master data needs to be migrated. EazeWork takes the responsibility of data migration, pointing out gaps in critical data which needs to be filled up and clean up any data errors.

The customer would be responsible for providing data in a soft copy form, fill up gaps in critical data and providing business inputs.


Configuration Management

We conduct workshops to understand your current processes and also what is needed from the software. Your process and policy documentation is a critical input.

We jointly develop a roadmap for implementation prioritizing the high impact and easy to implement modules first and gradually moving to more complex processes.


Training - Core team training, End user training

Training is provided either through remote means like web conference or telecalls or if needed in a workshop mode at with our customer's offices. We propose what is ideal keeping the budget and timelines in mind.

There are role based training modules available and the applications come with context specific help but at the i nitial training is essential from a familiarization and also change management perspective.


Ongoing Support

Core team members would have access to EazeWork's support channels - we provide support through a helpdesk, skype and phone. The employees also have an option of raising any issue from within the application which is then resolved by the Support team.


Enhancement Requests

EazeWork applications are designed to meet ongoing requirements of our customer's businesseses, during the course of usage if the users want some features to be added then there is a provision to request the features.

EazeWork Customer Manager is in constant touch with the core team members. Prioritization of enhancement requests is done on the basis of workload, nature or customer requirements and application roadmap.

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