Service Level Agreements

Level Description Resolution Time

  • Low Aesthetic issues. Old browsers sometimes do not render the page as desired. Report formatting not ok. Will be resolved if these are in the road map. Clear timelines will be communicated.
  • Medium Application is working fine but users want a change in process design. If possible from the backend it would be resolved within 1 working day.
  • High User is not able to process a transaction as designed and desired. This could be due to a bug or a wrong configuration. 8 hours
  • Critical Server error. Application not responding. Page hanging. 2 hours

  Frequently Asked Questions

Trial accounts will allow you to use the application with a limited number of users and for a limited period. dvanced features like customized reports, configurability of setup are not given in Trial accounts.

We are aware of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your data. All the data transfer and communication between your machine and our applications on the internet is through a secure SSL connection ensuring that all communications are secure.

Under no circumstances any one from our team gets access to your data without your permission. We might to access your data for the following reasons - to provide you any services like QuickStart, Data Migration - to carry out database administration functions like Archival, Maintenance, Retrieval Only one person from EazeWork has access to the database but he also cannot see any data but can only perform database maintenance activities. We also conduct regular vulnerability assessments of the network, application and system through internal and third party audits.

Please refer to Privacy and Security Policy for more details on Data Privacy and Security.

Click here to download our brochure Security Measures

You need a basic computer with any browser like Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and an internet connection . We recommend that you have the latest version of an anti-virus solution, you would also need Adobe Reader to be able to view reports. For exporting to standard report format you would need access to Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

Without internet accessing the application is not possible. You can access the application from any location which has internet access there is no local setup and you don’t need to carry your laptop or desktop.

You will get licenses to use the application for as many users as you want and you pay for. There is no permanent license and after you unsubscribe you will not have any access rights.

For paid users we keep the data and configuration in our servers for a period of 3 months after you unsubscribe. You do have an option to instruct us to delete all your data without waiting for the 3 months cooling period when you are cancelling your paid subscription.

In case there is no specific instruction on completion of 3 months your data and instance is permanently deleted.
If you renew your subscription within the 3 month holding period you can continue using the application with your pre-existing data.
For trial the data is deleted within one week of the trial period getting over.

We are fully committed to ensuring that you use our applications to the fullest, there are a range of support services designed to help you through the various stages of your application usage experience. Please refer to the details of our Support Services.

Administrators and core users in paid customers will get email support from a named EazeWork Customer Manager. You can also chat with our Support team on Skype at to get technical or application support.

Trial users can get chat support but will not have any Customer Manager assigned.

We provide full flexibility, although we would hate to see you go but you can unsubscribe anytime and any refund if due will be processed within 7 working days.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service; it is a new way of delivering software to the end users. While traditionally software was installed either on dedicated servers in your office or in desktops SaaS applications are hosted on secure internet servers. This brings down the cost of maintaining and delivering the applications significantly.

We guarantee a 99.90% uptime. This translates to a downtime of 8 hours and 45 minutes over a year. In case we are not able to give you this uptime due to events at our end we will provide you with Service Credits. Refer Terms of Service to see the policy on Service Credits.

The applications are hosted in a state of the art Level 3 data center with career level support in US and India. The entire infrastructure is monitored 24x7 through a NOC and any failure acted upon immediately. Data center is ISO 27001 certified ensuring that sensitive customer information remains secure.

We prepare for every potential disaster. Incremental backup is taken regularly and data is kept in a secure offsite backup location via secure connections on a regular (eight hourly) basis. In the worst case scenario of the primary Data Center being impacted and services shutting down, the backup instance can be recovered with a maximum loss of eight hours of data.

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