EazePay - Supporting Processes

Manage country specific and state specific compliances

EazePay manages deductions which are to be made from employee's salary and also employer's contribution across various categories. It also provides output files which are needed for subsequent filings. Any change in compliance is updated by EazeWork and the customers are intimated.

Tax Deducted at Source


TDS challan, ECR text file and ESI monthly input files are automatically generated from the system, these can be submitted to the relevant statutory authorities

Labor Welfare, Professional Tax, Bonus Act

Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Bonus Act, LWF also available in application as per the state level rules and regulations

Update Statutory Deductions
24Q Creation

Form 16 Part B


24Q - we have automated process to generate 24Q txt file for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. To use this file we can create FVU file with the help of File Validation utility software

Form 16 -We prepare Form 16 Part B in our system and give utility to upload Form 16 Part A which you can download from traces. Once Part A uploaded and Part B generated in system payroll manager can send both these files to employee by email. Form 16 Part B can be generated with digital signature.

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