EazePay - Reports

Information for past months or for all employees can be accessed through reports quickly

Various type report in payroll which help to payroll manager to review and download required payroll data.


Summary Report

In this section we provide Tax worksheet, Leave Without Pay / Overtime consumption, Payroll masterdata.

Employee Reports

Expense Summary, Salary Slip,Tax Statement, Increment Letter, Full and Final, Form 16, Rent detail, Tax Saving


Salary Reports

Aggregate Salary Register, Employee wise Salary,Annual Summary, Department Wise, Salary on Hold, Salary Structure, Revised Salary Structure and Salary increment history etc.

My Reports

This report is for employees where he can see payroll report which is related to employees like Tax saving details, Salary Slip, Form 16, Tax Statement etc.


Expense Reports

Employee wise expense, Eligibility Accrual, Month wise expense paid, Voucher and Head wise report for expense claim categories.

Generated Advices

All generated forms like ITNS281 (TDS Challan), Expense Payment Advice, Full and final Advice etc.


Other Govt. Payments

TDS Payment detail, 24Q payments,Bonus act payment,Gratuity Payment,LWP and PT, Haryana LWF etc.

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