EazePay - Employee Self Service

Allow employees to manage their payroll declarations, salary structure

Self service is a great way to reduce the load on the backend team and allowing the employees to download, update or modify details like their bank details, declarations, salary structure.


Payslip, Tax Statment and Form 16

Employee's individual page where he/she can download document like

  •   Payslip
  •   Tax Statement
  •   Form 16


Employee's individual page where he/she can declare details like

  •   Tax Saving Declaration/Submission
  •   Other income
  •   Previus employer income
  •   Voluntary Provident fund
  •   House rent
  •   Children details for education and hostel allowance

Expense Claiming

This is the page where an employee can claim their expenses for regular expense and also LTA if module in salary structure as Expense claim category.

  •   Employee can claim expense exceeding their eligbility but not more then annual total.
  •   If LTA is attached with Leave then for Tax Free LTA, minimum three approve leave should be in system.
  •   In a financial year employee can claim only one tax free LTA.

Manage Salary Structure

From here salary structure of employees can be updated in bulk and also for one employee within company's allowed policies, this saves Payroll Managers with significant time and effort.

Manage Salary Structure
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