EazePay - Base Payroll

Reduce the time and effort spent in processing payroll from days to hours and from hours to minutes

Does the account department spend days in processing payroll? Are there errors in calculations due to manual processing? Have you outsourced payroll and still spend hours in giving the inputs to the service provider?

Payroll need inputs from HR, Time-office and Employee’s Department and often this leads to a long processing time for payroll. Excel is a flexible and easy to use tool but it does not guarantee accuracy. If your team is spending days in processing payroll there is an opportunity to save effort and cost by automating the payroll process.

Intuitive Product Design

Intuitive design

Payroll processing is divided into three set of activities

  •   Pre processing - all data is checked for completeness
  •   Payroll processing - inputs are taken, leave without pay is updated and salary register prepared
  •   Post processing - compliance documents are generated, salary slips generated, filing information updated

Multi Company / Multi Country Capabilities

You can run payroll for multiple group companies in one instance and view consolidated reports. Statutory data also can be managed separately for each company and the process of running payroll can be bifurcated completely.

Multi Company Payroll

EazePay allows to configure payroll for multiple countries in one instance. Countries which are supported are

  •   India
  •  African East Anglophone countries - Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

  •   African West Anglophone countries - Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone

  •  African Francophone countries - Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Gabon, Madagascar, Niger

Stop Payment

Stop Payment

Payoll confirmation and salary hold for an employee can be done from application easily, Employer can file their statutory liability even stop payment for employees. If employee resign and he/she has stop payment then this salary will be paid with full and final.

Partial Processing

Application give freedom to payroll manager to run payroll in part. At the time of payroll run payroll manager can exclude employees for whom payroll is not to be run.

Exclude Employees from Payroll
Attendance & Leave Integration

Leave and Attendance Integration

We have option to integrated leave and attendance in payroll, leave without pay in any previous months would lead to a deduction in salary as per the defined rules. Complete flexibility is available in selecting the heads which are impacted by Leave Without Pay.

Having complete leave and attendance data is necessary for payroll processing but since salary is to be processed and paid by end of month there are features which help the Payroll Manager decide a cut off date upto which the attendance and leave data is considered.

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