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You are looking for...
New revenue opportunities from your customers
Win new customers
Expanding into services business
Be a part of the ongoing Cloud computing revolution as a Service provider

Business Opportunity for Partners

  • Penetration of IT is increasing and Small and Medium businesses are leveraging IT and internet more and more
  • Cost of internet access has come down to 10% over last 5 years
  • Mobile phones and other hand held devices are providing an alternate channel for business users to access any internet based application
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Online B2B sites, Payment Gateways, eCommerce are all being today used by savvy business users from all industries
  • The revenue opportunity by providing business applications to SMBs is a mix of good onetime return and a regular income as the customers keep on renewing their licenses

What type of companies use EazeWork applications?

EazeWork applications are being used by Small and Medium businesses across all verticals- our customers range from Manufacturing, Software, KPO, BPO, Telecom and other Services based companies. Most of our customers are currently from India but we are supporting end users of these customers who are located in Philippines, China and African countries.

EazeWork applications are available on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform- this allows customers and users from any part of the globe to use the applications.

Companies use EazeWork because if gives them a effective solution with low time and cost for implementation. There is no capital expenditure involved and customer can pay as they use the applications.

What support you will get as an EazeWork partner?

Our objective is to partner with you and provide you with the right set of tools to be able to have a high level of customer satisfaction and fast sales cycle. You and your customers will become a part of the EazeWork extended family. You would be supported by EazeWork and would be provided with
  • Administrative rights to create any number of trial accounts
  • Sales trainings and in depth product trainings to Partner sales team
  • Product training and documentation
  • Partner discounts off the list price
  • Second level support to resolve an customer issues on email or phone
  • Support for your customer in a location where you don’t have an office

What models of partnerships are available?

You can choose from two options
1. Reseller - as a reseller you would get a sales commission but the responsibility of billing and collection would remain with EazeWork.
2. Sales Partner - as a sales partner you will own the customer fully and will be responsible for invoicing and collection directly

What are your responsibilities?

Either as a Reseller or as a Sales Partner your primary responsibility would be to educate customers on EazeWork solutions and close sales. You would be expected to

  • Build and manage a sales funnel – you would pitch and sell directly to the customer Communicate lead information – to prevent multiple partners pitching to the same prospect and to ensure that you get complete ownership of an account it is important that you share details of any prospect you are working with. There are only two conditions under which your prospect can be disqualified
    - It should not be an existing EazeWork customer, or
    - It should not be a prospect notified by any other Partner
  • Manage customer application configuration – you would have the rights and access to create any new customer account in minutes. You can also configured it in hours – days depending upon the size of customer.
  • You don’t have to make any investment in hardware except having desktops or laptops and good connectivity to the internet
  • You can give online demos, create free online accounts on behalf of your prospects and give them a customized pre-configured software
  • On-boarding customers – migrating data and training the employees would be done by you – this is a revenue opportunity for you
  • Level 1 support – your team would be trained to handled the first level issues
  • Maintain customer relationship – since EazeWork has a portfolio of applications there would be an opportunity to sell additional applications or sell more subscriptions of the same. Both these are additional revenue opportunity for you
  • If you are direct Sales partner then you would also be responsible for billing and collection for your customers , EazeWork will bill you

How do I sign up?

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