EazeHR – Timesheet

Track time spent by employees on various activities.

Whether it is to measure project hours, raise customer invoices or simply to track employee effectiveness - timesheet data provides invaluable inputs to Project Managers, Resource Planners and Managers.

EazeHR's Timesheet module allows employees to record time on projects and charge codes to which they are mapped.

Project Management

Project Based Recording

To enable Timesheet the project, charge code and some other details are to be managed

  •   Charge codes can be created and categorized as billable, non billable and mapped to various projects
  •   Employees can be mapped to a project for a limited duration and then removed when they are not working on a project
  •   Cost and billing rate of each employee can be tracked
  •   Overtime can be separately tracked

Automated Methods

Integrate attendance data from various sources like biometric, smart card, time clock devices or use the inbuilt online time management module.

Attendance Methods
Attendance Upload

Centralized uploading

Attendance of employees who do not have access to attendance recording devices can be uploaded in bulk centrally by a coordinator. Through this method attendance of workers, employees who are in the field can be managed centrally.

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