EazeHR – Recruitment Management

Attract the best talent to your company

Find the best fit talent. Ensure that the candidate gets the impression of a professionally managed organization when he interacts with your company. Using EazeWork's recruitment software.

Post approved job openings directly to your company job page and control the duration for which they are to be displayed. All applications which are made against this job opening are integrated and directly update the centralized Applicant database.

Social media, job boards, internet, access to video conferencing, psychometric profiling all are tools used by recruiters to attract the best talent to their company. It is equally important to manage the end to end process of recruiting which on an average involves three departments and 4-5 persons in the company.

EazeHR’s Recruitment Management module is designed as Recruitment software to bring in efficiency and effectiveness in the e-recruitment process. You will be able to reduce your total time to hire and also bring down the rejection rates by candidates by using this module. You can use internal employee referral program to get your employees to recommend profiles and reward them.

Team Details

Recruitment Dashboard for a centralized view of all open positions

View all openings and the status of candidates against these openings in one place. Manage the hiring process by identifying candidates being interviewed in multiple openings or openings with too few candidates.

End to End Process for effective candidate management

    Recruitment module allows you to

  •   defining the job opening in great detail
  •   automatically shortlisting candidates meeting the criteria
  •   manual screening and reviewing of candidates by Recruitment team
  •   scheduling of face to face interviews
  •   scheduling of final interview and salary discussions
  •   provision for background checks
  •   creation of offer letter
  •   prompts the recruiter on continuous follow up to ensure joining
  •   analysys of reasons of rejections
Create Job Opening
Organization Structure

Referral Management

Best source of candidates is your employees, EazeHR allows you to selectively release some openings for employee referral and tracks the referrals so that employees with successful referrals are rewarded as per company policy.

Duplicate referrals are managed ensuring one candidate is referred only once.

Offer Approval and Letter Generation

Any excepts to the offer terms from the initially defined job opening are managed in the system. Recruiter can take approvals from HR Manager and Hiring Manager for each candidate who has cleared all interviews and meets the criteris.

Offer letter is generated directly from the system ensuring that all terms and conditions are mentioned as per company policy.

Offer Letter
Duplicate Candidate

Applicant Tracking System

Candidates might apply from various channels for the same opening or a rejected candidate might reapply. Such duplicates or policy violations are caught easily and e-recruitment processes allow various recruiters to work on a candidate together.

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