EazeHR – Performance Management

Identify and reward top performers. Complete appraisals and provide feedback - keep employees motivated

Motivated employees are single most important factor in a business’s success and a well designed and implemented Performance Management process is key in maintaining employee morale and focus.

Companies use various processes team reviews, project performance, 360 feedback – EazeHR’s Performance Management module provides the flexibility to design appraisal templates and set a frequency as per your company’s requirements. The module allows you to align the team and employee objectives to corporate objectives and continuing to focus on individual performance.

With the Performance Management software, you can develop employees and retain high performers by differencitating and rewarding their performance on a continuous basis. This comprehensive performance management solution provides intuitive tools such as goal setting, project appraisals, performance appraisals, individual development plan, career development planning, reporting and analytics across a linear 180 or a circular 360 assessment methods.

Performance Setup

Flexible Design of 180 / 360 systems

Ensure continuous review and a significantly higher employee satisfaction through these features

  •   Flexible design of systems, swith from a 180 to 360 review process when organization is ready for it
  •   Decide from quarterly, six monthly and annual review frequencies
  •   Choose from a single person, two step and four stage assement processes
  •   Integrate Development Plans, Career Development Plans and identify Top Talent

Continuous Review through Project Assessments

Specific project based work can be assessed by Project Manager over the duration of project multiple number of times. Self assessment by employee and feedback from the Project Manager is captured and integrated with the larger annual Performance Management cycle.

  •   Customize template for each project assessment based on the project requirement
  •   Release of the project assessment sheet to the team member by the Project manager based on the desired frequency
  •   Self assessment and self scoring by the employee
  •   Scoring and assessment by the Project manager
Project Assessment Setup
Goal Assessment

Collaborative Goal Setting

Performance Managers, Employee and Assessor can work in a collaborative environment to decide the overall structure of goals. The goals also known as Performance Indicators) or Key Result Areas are decided during a work flow based process where the control and flexibility can be designed as per company policy.

  •   Allows employee to modify and create self defined goals or simply cascade higher level goals
  •   Timeline for goal completion can be captured and tracked across quarters
  •   EazeHR offers the Assessor the flexibility to request a change in goals during the year, this change is approved by the Performance Manager and initimated to the employee on finalization

360 Review

Allowing the employee's peers and reportees to participate in the review process gives valuable insights into how the employee is perceived in these groups. 360 degree evaluation can be done with dynamic selection of peers and reportees by the employee's assessor

  •   weightage for each contributor to employee's review can be decided a priori
  •   evalution being a time bound process if the evaluation is not completed by a peer or reportee in time it can be reassigned to another person
  •   overall scores and ratings are automatically calculated taking into account the scores given by each reviewer
  •   Scoring and assessment by the Project manager
360 Review

Bell Curve Fitment

While recommended ratings can be given by assessor and reviewer the final rating is a result of a discussion between the people managers, department heads, HR managers and senior management. The process for rating finalization requires inputs of employee's feedback across the various review cycles and also quantitative scores given by the assessors.

  •   summary and detailed rating reports are available
  •   graphical output can be reviewed to check the current profile of ratings by various dimensions
  •   HR Managers can update the final ratings centrally in the system
  •   all inputs are kept confidential and data is shared only based on the access as per the process

Individual Development Plans

Employees development needs which are a hindrance to his professional growth can be identified and mapped to available training programs. If training programs are not available then external trainings can be planned. Training road map for next year is thus developed and a base set of inputs for preparing the training calendar is available to the Training Managers

Individual Development Plan
Career Development Plan

Career Development Plans

Idenfitication of top talent, lateral movement to another role, succession planning in case of a lateral move are all achieved with the help of career development plan for an employee. Inputs which are necessary for this planning are obtained from the top line managers and reviewed by the HR team.

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