EazeHR - Onboarding and Separation

Reduce the manual effort and data duplication during both Onboarding and Separation processes

Activities linked to Employee Onboarding and Separation are managed through these processes, it also provides HR and other departments support to manage the activities to be done around the time an employee joins or leaves the company.

Onboarding - Official Details

Onboarding Process

For employees whose joining process has been managed through the Recruitment module there is a direct transfer of employee data as the "candidate" becomes and "employee" but for other employees who join directly basic data is to be updated by HR. This can be done through excel and manual typing is eliminated.

Besides the data updation there are a series of activities which need to be done by various departments

  •  email id creation
  •  laptop / desktop provisioning
  •  seating space / cabinets
  •  access card / visiting cards
  •  pre joining formalities like validation of documents

All these activities can be managed directly from EazeHR's onboarding module.

Separation (Resignation) Management

Employees can submit their resignation or their Managers / HR Managers can submit their separation requests on their behalf. There are five types of separation

  •  Resignation
  •  Retirement
  •  Management Initiated
  •  Death
  •  Intercompany transfer

After the separation is approved it is redirected for clearances, there are five types of clearances

  •  Departmental
  •  HR Manager
  •  IT Manager
  •  Admin Manager
  •  Accounts Head

Exit interview feedback can be updated in the system and full and final can also be automatically processed in Payroll. Relieving letters are automatically generated.

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