EazeHR – Calendar, Leaves and Shifts

Do your employees require a greater work life balance? Are you managing shift rosters, leave calendars for locations manually? Still use emails for leave management?

This module is designed to be more than just an online leave management system. We understand that with multiple locations, different time-zones and varied staffing requirements you are juggling a lot of complexity. Even if yours is a single office single calendar setup the basic leave management feature and setting up flexible working hours for employees will be needed.

Leave Creation

Build Flexible Leave Rules

Leaves can be created based on the HR policies for different employee groups. Various parameters which are considered while designing leave rules are.

  •   Accrual methods : whether the leave will accrue in the beginning of a period or end of period, pro-rata or lumpsum
  •   Carry forward rules : what happens to the remainder of leave at the end of calendar year
  •   Approval work flow : who approves leave requests, exception approvers
  •   Eligibility criteria : which employees are eligible for which leaves, certain leaves are only for females, some would depend upon the employment status
  •   Partial day leaves : quarter, half day, three fourth day leaves
  •   Treatment of holidays and combination of leaves : can leaves be combined together, what happens when there is a holiday in between

Flexible Process Design

You can configure the request initiation and approval workflow as per your company policies. For example if an employee has only 2 leaves in balance and wants to apply for 3 days of leave, there are three options

  •   do not allow him to apply
  •   allow him to apply and approval is done by Manager
  •   allow him to apply and exception approval by HR or CEO after Manager's approval
Leave Workflow

Use Multiple Calendars

Calendars can be built and mapped to various levels within the company. Different office locations can have different calendars and different groups for example the maintenance team which typically works on the weekend can have different weekly off patterns.

Holidays can be designation as compulsory holidays or restricted holidays and have a linkage with the leave policies to ensure that employees have flexibility in planning their vacations.

Shift Management

At a basic level EazeHR allows you to create shifts based on the requirements of your business. As an advanced feature it also allows flexi timings within a shift to enable employees to adjust their start and end times.

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