Human Resource Information System

Our comprehensive HRIS acts as the backbone of the HR application.

Managers need access to a single system which can give them a view of their teams. Employees need a workplace where they can view HR policy on travel and leave, their training records, performance records, asset allocation and also find the phone number of the newly joined colleague who sits in Bangalore. Emails, excel sheets serve the purpose but only upto a limit. The effort and wasted time in retrieving records from these sources and the possibility of errors cannot be under estimated.

Team Details

HRIS includes Employee Directory and Team Details

EazeHR’s HRIS module is more than an employee directory. It supports decision making of managers by giving team access to HR policies for their teams and enables collaboration between employees who are from different offices.

Employee Profile Page

    This is employee's individual page where he / she can maintain the details like

  •   Personal details : photograph, email id, phone numbers
  •   Address : home and permanent address
  •   Additional details : date of birth, father's or husband's name, emergency contact details
  •   Family details : Spouse, dependents
  •   Education background : Degree, college, years
  •   Work experience : Company, designation, role and period
  •   ID documents : Scan and upload driver's license, degree certificates, passport etc

    Employee can also view and access records of below options

  •   Official details : department, division, reporting manager, designation, employment status, date of joining, office location, seniority level and job description
  •   Training records : trainings eligible for and participated
  •   Performance records : Past year's review documents and ratings, current year's in process document
Employee Profile
Organization Structure

Automatically generated Organization Structure

Organization structure is generated automatically, view the complete organization stucture in one place. All employees except the CEO of the company need to be mapped to a manager to be a part of the organization structure, if an employee is not mapped to a manager but has a chain of reportees below him then an independent organization structure is generated.

Trainee and Probation Confirmations

Employees who are hired as Trainees or as Probationers are managed through a manual or a system driven confirmation process. The system driven process allows the various participants - the employee, his manager, HR Manager to record their feedback and there can be three possible outcomes -

  •  Employee is confirmed
  •  Employee's separation is to be done
  •  Employee's probation or training period is extended

Policies around training and probation period and templates for assessment can be configured.

Probation Confirmation
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