EazeHR - Reports

View information across all HR processes

Standard reports are available with EazeWork these reports are accessible from Reports Menu. Visibility of these reports is associated with roles and can be modified if needed.

HR Report

HR Report

Employee Reports

This section shows reports which are associated with HRIS and provide information about employees. Reports available in this section are

  •   My Documents
  •   Employee List
  •   Department List
  •   Separated Employees
  •   Employee History
  •   Joining-Leaving
  •   Detailed Employee List
  •   Family Details
  •   Not Joined Employee List
  •   Survey Feedback
  •   Query Status Summary
  •   Reward Summary
  •   Reward In Process
  •   New Joiners Report
  •   HR Info Changes
  •   Claimed LTA
  •   Employee Policies

Leaves Reports

This section provides all reports linked with leave module. Reports availalbe are

  •   Leave by Department
  •   Employee Leave Report
  •   Pending Approvals
  •   Leave Status
  •   Rejected Leaves
  •   Previous Years Summary
  •   Details of Leave Credits
  •   Leave Encashment
  •   Leaves Eligibility Periods
  •   Withdrawn Leaves
Employee Report

Employee Report
Attendance Details

Attendance Details

Attendance Reports

Reports associated with Attendance module are

  •   Department Attendance
  •   Employee Attendance
  •   Attendance Details
  •   Daily Attendance Record
  •   Attendance Sheet
  •   Pending Attendance
  •   Attendance Calendar
  •   Hours Worked
  •   Shift Details
  •   Time Modification Details

Performance Management Reports

Performance Management module has following reports

  •   Status Report
  •   Project Assessment
  •   Rating Summary
  •   Recommended for Promotion
  •   IDP Details
  •   CDP Details
Status Report

Status Report


Advances and Expense Reports

Reports available in Advances and Expense module are.

  •   Expense Claim Details
  •   Head Wise Report
  •   Advance Payment Details
  •   Advance Adjustment Details

Admin and IT Management Reports

Admin and IT Management module has the following reports

  •   Owned by Company
  •   Allocated to Employees
  •   Pending Assets
  •   Gate Pass
Individual Development Plan

Individual Development Plan


Timesheet Reports

Timesheet module has the following reports

  •   Timesheet Summary
  •   Timesheet Details
  •   Weekly Timesheet
  •   Daily Timesheet
  •   Cost and Billing Details
  •   Pending Timesheet

Training Reports

Reports included in Training module are

  •   Training Records
  •   Employee Training Records
  •   Training Feedback
  •   Training Requests
  •   Training Plan
  •   Training Summary
Training Reports

Training Reports
Recruitment Reports

Recruitment Reports

Recruitment Reports

Reports available in Recruitment module are

  •   Job Opening Status
  •   Candidate Status
  •   Joined List
  •   Referred Candidates
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