EazeHR - Employee Helpdesk

Helpdesk module allows employees to raise queries which can be related to HR, Accounts, Admin or Payroll teams.

By providing employees with a single window for all their queries and bringing transparency to the resolution process the overall speed of response goes up significantly. It also leads to a higher level of employee satisfaction.

Helpdesk Request

Raising a Query

Employees can raise a query, he can provide

  •  query category
  •  query priority
  •  query details
  •  relevant attachemnts

System automatically redirects the query to the mapped person from Admin, IT, HR, Accounts or Payroll department.

Query Resolution

    When a query reached the mapped person from the relevant department there can be two possible actions -
  •   if the query has not been mapped correctly then it can be redirected to the correct department
  •   if the query is genuine then resolution can be provided
Helpdesk Login
Query Closure

Query Closure

Query can be closed by the Admin, IT, HR, Accounts or Payroll manager once the resolution has been provided. If any attachment is to be sent the same can be attached to the query.

Integration with EazeSupport

If advanced features like SLA mapping or handling of queries by a group of employees from Admin / IT / HR / Payroll / Accounts department or by location based teams is to be managed then EazeHR can be integrated with EazeSupport.

In this scenario the query is handled as a ticket with all features mentions in EazeSupport Section

Helpdesk with SLA
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