EazeHR Demo

For Application Administrators - Registering and Using EazeWork Applications

Demo Time : 02:04 minutes

View this demo to understand how to register with EazeWork, how to create a trial account, how to add users and how to start using the applications.

For Users – Account Validation and Common Features

Demo Time : 01:28 minutes

This demo will guide you through the process of validating your account and how to do basic account maintenance.

For Application Admin and HR Manager – Employee On-boarding

Demo Time : 01:54 minutes

Understand the process of onboarding, the roles and responsibilities of an Employee and HR Manager. Also review other features available in the module.

For Users and Managers – Leave Request, Approval, Withdrawal

Demo Time : 02:30 minutes

Understand how to create a leave request, approval workflow and other features of leave management process.

For Users and Managers – Expense Claiming, Approval, Validating and Payment reconciliation

Demo Time : 02:05 minutes

Review the entire expense management process from start to finish.

For Users and Managers – Assets Management

Demo Time : 01:39 minutes

Asset request and allocation to employees. Maintaining status of assets in asset register.

For Users – HR Info

Demo Time : 01:19 minutes

Learn how to access Company information, view organization structure and view team details.

For Users – Attendance Demo

Demo Time : 02:23 minutes

Learn how to mark attendance and understand the options available in the process.

For Users – Timesheet Demo

Demo Time : 01:26 minutes

Understand the process of creating and approving timesheets.

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