EazeHR – Dashboard and Widgets

Do you tend to get so bogged in work that you forget to review, approve tasks? Are you tired of having to follow-up with your manager to approve your leave request?

EazeHR comes with an inbuilt dashboard, through this dashboard your employees will be able to access all their Human Resource Management activities, pending tasks and get notifications on what needs to be done.


Centralized panel for all activities

Key features of the dashboard are:

  •   Customizable Widgets- you can control what you see when you login to the application and it helps in managing a clean clutter free workspace
  •   One-click accesses- most of the pending tasks are shown as alerts and have hyperlinks to take you to the page where you can perform the action and close the task.
  •   Common across applications- in case you are subscribing to more than EazeHR this dashboard integrates your view across all applications.

Customizable as per user's needs

Users can add or remove the widget or move them around as per their convinience, this allows them to keep the dashboard clutter free and easily accessible.

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