EazeHR – Attendance Management

Accurate recording and adherence to policies for attendance and leaves is critical to ensure both discipline and provide flexibility.

These seemingly conflicting twin objectives are managed by automated enforcing of attendance policies and also allowing work from home, compensatory off accrual as per company policy. Late coming, short hours, overtime, tour request approvals are some of the features available in this module.

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policies and Rules

Attendance policies which can be implemented include various aspects like -

  •   Flexible shift timings : if flexi-shift is enabled employees can come in late upto the allowed time but have to also work late
  •   Late coming rules : upto a certain number of late coming is allowed in a month beyond which leave without pay or other leaves can be deducted
  •  Short working hours : if employee works less than stipulated hours then based on short working hours policies leaves can be automatically deducted

These rules can be configured by location, by employee seniority and company.

Automated Methods

Integrate attendance data from various sources like biometric, smart card, time clock devices or use the inbuilt online time management module.

Attendance Methods
Attendance Upload

Centralized uploading

Attendance of employees who do not have access to attendance recording devices can be uploaded in bulk centrally by a coordinator. Through this method attendance of workers, employees who are in the field can be managed centrally.

Work From Home

Companies are recognizing the need of flexibility and have policies around allowing employees to work from home. These policies can be configured and the work from home requests of employees can be accordingly managed.

Work From Home
Tour Request

Tour Requests

Employees who are going out of town on tour are not able to mark their attendance at the same time their status from a record keeping perspective the days attendance status is present but on tour. Tour requests are used to manage this scenario.

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