EazeHR – Advances & Expense Claims

Establish control on official spend, design policy based expense claims process.

Managing employee expense claims manually is a difficult and time taking task for any company. It requires reviewing large number of vouchers and receipts, cross checking receipts, calculating and getting approvals.

Expense Request

Map Claims process

EazeHR allows you to design your expense claim process which can have one or two approvers, claim voucher can go straight for verification and payment if it is as per policies or is first sent for exception approval and then sent for verification and payment.

Accounts team can combine multiple vouchers in one payment or can make multiple payments against one voucher. Employees can select the payment for mode for receiveing their expense claims.

Design Expense Policies

Companies have unique policies which need to be checked when employee submit expense claimes, some examples of policies which can be designed are

  •  sales teams are allowed a higher limit of official calls from their personal mobile phone while internal teams are
  •  daily per diem on outstation travel depends upon the type of city, seniority level of employee
  •  hotel stay, class of travel in train or by air all depend upon the seniority and distance travelled

  • Similar and more policies can be configured and employees can claim expenses only as per the policies they are eligibile for.

Manage Policy
Advance Request

Advance Request

What if employees require an advance for official purposes?

Employees can submit a request, explaining the purpose and advance is given to them on approval. This advance is later adjusted against expense claims which are submitted either by the employee or by the Accountant.

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