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Our Modules

Modules listed below are available and can be configured as per business requirements.



Central view of pending tasks and important information widgets. Get one click control of all HR activities.



Get the complete picture of your organization from employee to department to company level. HRMS login allows employees to view all details they need.



Manage hiring, reduce your time to hire and never lose sight of good candidates. Recruiter friendly, provides end to end support of hiring process.


Calendar, Leaves and Shifts

Multiple locations having different calendars, leaves and shift timings. Bring all together.


Attendance Status Management

Instant view of employee attendance. Integrate with biometric, smart cards. Track tours, work from home and partial day working.



Control time booking by project and book time against project activities. Track costs and billings.


Advances and Expense Claims

Provide advances for official against approvals. Allow paperless claiming while checking against policies reducing processing time and errors.


Admin and IT Management

Manage asset inventory, track allocation and returns. Link return of assets with employee separation and full and final. Cab booking.


Learning & Development

Publish training calendar, manage enrolments and get feedback on training. Track employee training effectiveness.


On-boarding & Separations

Process on-boarding of new joiners, ensure compliances. Manage resignations, retirements and other modes of separations.


Performance Management

Track employee performance, create unique evaluation criteria and provide feedback to the employees on a regular basis.


Survey and Announcements

Conduct custom designed surveys. Publish announcements of important events in your organization.


Employee Helpdesk

An internal helpdesk for employees which helps them to get resolution of all their HR, Admin, IT, Payroll and Accounts related queries in a transparent manner.



More than 75 preconfigured reports which can be customized and exported into excel. Visibility and access strictly controlled by roles.

EazeHR Features

EazeHR provides a comprehensive set of features across various aspects of functional and technical domains. With an integrated design from Recruitment to Retirement life cycle management including integration with Payroll (see list of countries supported) EazeHR provides an unmatched breadth of features. We are the best self-service HRMS software available for SMEs across geographies.

Our extreme configurability allows companies from 5 to 15000 employees use the software without any need of customization. An innovative use of templates allows us to map your formats as they are ensuring continuity in processes.

Through EazeHR you can provide

  • Unified view of the status of various HR processes across the company
  • Significant reduction in manual and repetitive tasks
  • Implementation of HR policies
  • Transparency in processes and highlighting of bottlenecks
  • Reduced admin costs

Key functional features

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Accessible from all locations through the internet
  • Configurable processes with approval levels
  • Comprehensive reports which can be customized
  • Alerts on dashboard and emails to keep abreast of any pending activity
  • Multi company setup, multi lingual interface
  • Out of box default setup for quick start
  • Rick documentation and support to Administrators
  • Templates for various employee life cycle documents
  • Access to online documentation, FAQs, User guides

Key technical features

  • Secure communication between browser, device and servers
  • Secure database with encryption
  • Scalable to any size of company
  • No space constraints (within fair use policy)

EazeHR Pricing

Pricing of EazeHR depends upon the package / modules and the number of licenses which are taken. The minimum number of users is 25.

Number of users:


(Billed semi-annually)

See Modules


(Billed semi-annually)

See Modules


(Billed semi-annually)

See Modules

EazeHR Advantages

Unmatched flexibility and ease of use.


Unmatched Flexibility

EazeHR is designed in modular manner thus you can take only the processes / modules you need and pay only for them. You can add modules as your organizations requirements grow. Unlike earlier enterprise applications like Peoplesoft you can take EazeHR on a subscription model.


Ease of Use

EazeHR provides the Employees, Managers, Accounts, HR and Senior Management with easy to use processes and reduces delays, complexities and errors which arise due to manual processes. The integrated human resource system is designed to make your HR and Personnel Management processes run without any errors.


Reduced Processing Time

Since the application works through the internet, companies with offices in multiple locations benefit a lot through reduced processing time.EazeHR is designed in modular manner thus you can take only the processes / modules you need and pay only for them.


Configurable as per Requirements

Most of the unique aspects of any business can be customized through our configuration tool. Department names, Seniority levels, Office locations, Type of leaves, Budget Control etc are all completely customizable.


Auditable Records

Data captured through EazeHR helps in maintaining records which can be audited. Leave, Advances, Expense reimbursement, Asset ownership all need to be tracked and monitored for audit purposes.


Role based Access Control

Data is tightly controlled and access is given as per the organization hierarchy, only the CEO and the HR Manager are able to view the details of all the employees.

HR Service Providers

Extend Your Portfolio of Services. Become a EazeWork Partner.


If your company is providing HR policy, HR advisory, HRIS, accounting or labor and compliances services or other HR solutions to your clients / customers you can extend into HR process outsourcing services also. You can provide HR support services to your customers and use EazeHR to do so. You will not have to buy any hardware or software and can take EazeHR on a pay per use basis. This allows you to limit your exposure and allows you to scale up as you sign up customers.

You can also refer to Partner page for more details on various types of partnerships available.

Please contact our sales team at sales@eazework.com for more details.

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