EazeSupport-Ticket resolution.

Task of creating, assigning, analyzing, prioritizing, resolving, communicating a ticket might be handled by one person or multiple persons. Ticketing software allows the Support team to work together in an efficient manner to keep the customers satisfied as per the SLA.

Create Ticket

Ticket creation and initial assignment

Tickets can be created through multiple means

  •   Through self service portal
  •   Manually by a backend call center executive
  •   From EazeHR if advanced helpdesk feature is activated

When ticket is submitted the SLA and Assignment rules get mapped and based on these the resolution and escalation times and the group are also identified.

Ticket reassignment

Only the group leader can reassign a ticket out of his group to another group. This is required in some cases when the ticket is to be sent to a specific individual or needs some special group to work on it.

Ticket Assignment
Pause Ticket

Awaiting customer inputs

If the support representative needs more information and has asked the same from the customer he can use the pause feature to stop the SLA timer. This allows him to exclude the time which otherwise would have been counted in resolution time. Time stamp of each of the activity of reassingment, pausing and restarting tickets are available.

Task management, collaborative working

If the support representative working on the ticket needs specific help from another person he can create a task. Alerts are used to inform the other team members of tasks which are assigned to them and they can update the status as closed when task is completed.

Create and Assign Task
Ticket Closure and Approvals

Closure and Approvals

Customer or Customer Owner approval might be needed before some tickets can be closed. System sends the ticket for final approval to the designated person who has a limited time window to provide an approval or reopen the ticket giving a reason. The resolution times are adjusted according to the status provided by the approver.

Customer feedback

Feedback from customers is invaluable to keep a tab on the quality of resolutions. EazeSupport allows the customer manager to get feedback from customer on a case by case basis to assess the performance of support team.

Customer Feedback
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