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Managing customer expectations around Service Levels is key to having a satisfied customer

Service Level Agreements are clear time bound metrics and capture customer expectations. Clearly communicating the service levels and establishing a linkage with the ticket severity goes a long way in keeping the customers happy. Not all tickets are of equal priority and research has shown that primary reason for customer dissatisfaction is absence of feedback / information. If they know that someone is working on their problem then half of their issue is resolved. EazeSupport allows you to map SLAs for all possible scenarios. Customer Contract Management gets tied to SLAs.

SLA Mapping

Designing SLAs

Service level agreements are used to identify the time available to close a ticket. Different levels of escalations and the threshold which will trigger SLA violation can be defined. System comes preconfigured with a default SLA which cannot be deleted and is used in case no SLA is getting mapped

SLAs design has two components to it

  •   Business Rule
  •   Resolution Time Matrix

SLA business rule

SLA business rule is defined through a formula builder. This rule is used to filter the tickets which will get mapped to this SLA when the ticket is created and submitted. If more than one SLA business rule is applicable on a ticket then the one with lower Normal resolution time is applied.

Parameters which are used in a SLA busines rule are

  •   Severity of issue
  •   Category / sub category of ticket
  •   Day and time of issue reporting
Service Level Agreement Rules
Ticket Resolution Times

Resolution time matrix

  •   Normal resolution time is the time within which if the ticket is resolved it has not got escalated at all
  •   L1 to L3 escalations times are sequential escalation levels. Ticket goes through the various stages as the duration for which it is open increases. Time given in each level of escalation is in parallel so for example if Normal resolution is 4 hours then Level 1 escalation cannot be less than 4 hours and if it is given as 8 hours then ticket will be in Level 1 escalation from 4 to 8 hours
  •  SLA violation – when the time which is given in one escalation level before the level which is mapped to SLA violation is crossed then the ticket is classified as being “SLA violated”. You can get reports of number of tickets for which SLA has been violated. In the above example SLA is violated the moment ticket is open for 4 hours

Depending upon the type of support plan signed by the customer the SLAs can be of various types and the resolution hours can vary from minutes to hours and even days.

SLA Plan

Multiple SLAs are combined to create a plan, if SLAs have overlapping conditions then the SLA with a lower normal resolution time is mapped to the ticket. SLA Plan should be used in line with the customer agreements.

Managing SLA Plan
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