EazeSupport - Multiple Time Zone

Map your support organization

Daylight saving time, PST, varied calendars, different support groups sitting in different cities. Manage these scenarios with EazeSupport and ensure that the team is optimally staffed and tickets flow as desired in the system.



Global footprint of any organization brings in the complexity of managing customers from various timezones and the support teams sitting in different time-zones. EazeSupport allows you to map the time-zone of each customer location and also for individual support reps. Everyone gets a view of time which is consistent from their location at the same time ensuring that the hours are captured accurately.

Working days and working hours

Customer working days and working hours can be configured. Tickets can be classified based on the time and day of the week and appropriate SLA mapped to it. Support reps can also have a calendar and working schedule which mirrors the customer even they are in different time-zone.

Working Hours
Support Team Structure

Support group's structure

Team of Support Representatives can be grouped together to ensure visibility and team working. The handling of tickets, management of escalations and distribution of work load can be done dynamically by the Group leader. All this is facilitated by the helpdesk software.

Task management, collaborative working

If the support representative working on the ticket needs specific help from another person he can create a task. Alerts are used to inform the other team members of tasks which are assigned to them and they can update the status as closed when task is completed.

Create and Assign Task
Ticket Closure and Approvals

Closure and Approvals

Customer or Customer Owner approval might be needed before some tickets can be closed. System sends the ticket for final approval to the designated person who has a limited time window to provide an approval or reopen the ticket giving a reason. The resolution times are adjusted according to the status provided by the approver.

Customer feedback

Feedback from customers is invaluable to keep a tab on the quality of resolutions. EazeSupport allows the customer manager to get feedback from customer on a case by case basis to assess the performance of support team.

Customer Feedback
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