EazeSupport-Ticket Dashboard.

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EazeSupport comes with an inbuilt dashboard which provides Customer Service Representatives and Team Leaders a snapshot of the status of all their important tickets and pending tasks with deadlines. Through the dashboard your employees will be able to be access all their pending tasks and get notifications on what needs to be done.

Summary Ticket View

Intuitive designs

Support Representatives can view the status of critical tickets and tasks from central helpdesk. Managers can identify tickets that need immediate attention. Color coding is used to highlight tickets which are under escalation, the colors used are

  •   White : ticket is under normal resolution
  •   Green : ticket has been closed in normal resolution time
  •   Yellow : ticket is under escalation but SLA has not been violated
  •   Pink : SLA has been violated

Tagging and Searching

Tickets can be tagged with key words. Old tickets can be searched by keywords or by tags. This allows the support representatives to review similar ticket and look at possible solutions.

Tagging Tickets
Searching Tickets
Archived Tickets

Recalling old hidden tickets

All the tickets are always available for review and there is no archival. Old tickets can be recalled by the support reps. Tickets which have been closed can be hidden manually or they can also be hidden automatically.

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