EazSupport - Customers and Contacts

Track unique customer level SLAs and workflow

If you want to provide differential service levels based on the package customers have subscribed to you can create and map different SLA groups. Similarly the workflow rules can be modified so that premium customers are provided with better service experience and faster resolution.

Customer SLA Mapping

Customer details mapping

For each customer EazeSupport has the provision to capture

  •   Working hours, weekly offs and holidays
  •   Contact person details
  •   SLA Plan
  •   Assignment Rules
  •   Escalation Matrix

Escalation matrix

SLAs can be defined with a clear escalation matrix which will can both redirect the issue to the right level and also bring the attention of top management.

Key personnel can be identified within your company and also in customer's company who can be send email alerts if tickets are getting esclated. Different persons can be mapped to different thresholds at which these alerts would go.

SLA Escalation Matrix
Customer and Contact Mapping

Contact management

Contacts are the actual persons from customer side who are responsible for reporting the issues and signing off on resolutions. Based on the agreement with your customers you can send all or some of the tickets for an approval to a customer contact.

Portal access

Select customer contacts can be given portal access to allow them to

  •   Log their tickets directly
  •   Review progress
  •   Send comments or inputs to the backend resolution team
  •   Provide approval to resolved tickets
  •   Provide feedback for successfully closed tickets
Portal Access to Customers
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