EazeSupport - Rules and Workflow

Helpdesk software can be configured so that different types of incidents are assigned to the right teams with the right skills. Assignment rules are used to identify the right group which is supposed to work on a ticket. System comes preconfigured with a default assignment rule which is mapped to the default group.

These ensure that the tickets are sent to the right persons who are available and skilled to work on it

Ticket Assignement Rules

Customer specific rules

If your customers are having different SLAs, are from different geographies or need specialized skills for resolution the task of finding the right team or support rep for resolving the ticket becomes difficult. EazeSupport allows you to define Assignment Rules which govern the logic of assigning tickets to a person or a group.The incident management process becomes streamlined by sending the ticket to the right person.

Assignment rule formula

Assignment rule formula are used to identify the tickets and map them to an assignment rule as soon as they are created. If more than one assignemnt rule is getting mapped to a ticket then the one with higher priority is applied.

Assignment Rule Creation
Ticket Mapping to Support Group

Ticket routing

Support representatives can be grouped in different teams, these can be classified based on skills, language, time-zone or customers. Assignment rules are used to divert the ticket to the right support group.
The group to which the assignment rule will send the ticket to is identified in the routing section. Within the group the ticket is available to all the group members to pick up or the group leader can assign the ticket to any group member.

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